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Inside the Neurotic Mind

Science, not popular culture, should inform our approach to neuroticism, says James McKeen Cattell Fellow David H. Barlow, whose work on neuroticism has led to innovative new treatments for mood disorders. ... More>

Music Makes a Brighter Future

Learning to play an instrument might lead us to feel more optimistic and motivated to seek opportunities. ... More>

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Changing the Way Child Abuse Is Investigated

Leading questions are discouraged in the courtroom, but they may be the best method for getting children to disclose discomforting information, says James McKeen Cattell Fellow Gail S. Goodman. ... More>


At The Intersection of Culture and Mental Health

When it comes to mental health issues, Joseph P. Gone of the University of Michigan says that many American Indians prefer traditional therapies over therapies with European roots. In his Invited Address at the 24th APS Annual Convention, Gone explained why scientific evaluation remains a sensitive and complicated issue among American Indians. ... More>

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Learning Through Testing


Tests are a valuable, but under-used, learning tool, says William James Fellow Henry L. Roediger, III. ... More>