The Secret Vita

A flurry of correspondence came to me after my January 2004 presidential column, “Vita Voyeur.” It turns out that when I listed several types of vitae toward the end of the column, I missed one: The Secret Vita. Or, if one prefers a less sinister name, The Nonacademic Vita. Such vitae leave off all the usual academic claptrap that I wrote about last time and instead list items from the individual’s other passion (or perhaps his/her real passion). Just such a Secret Vita has come to my attention, which belongs to Arthur Reber. He is noted for studying processes involved in implicit learning, but his Nonacademic Vita, below, indicates that his other passion is poker.


Born March 11, 1940 (Philadelphia, PA)
Married, three children, three grandchildren

BA (1961) University of Pennsylvania, Psychology
MA (1965) Brown University, Psychology
Ph.D. (1967) Brown University, Psychology

Gambling, gaming, poker, risk taking and related topics

Fun ‘N’ Games Magazine, Ed Gallo, Publisher and Editor. Atlantic City, NJ. I serve as a regular columnist and consultant editor.
Casino Player, Published by Casino Publishing Group, Adam Field, Editor. I write a monthly column with Lou Krieger.
Strictly Slots, Published by Casino Publishing Group, Melissa Field, Editor. I write a monthly column with Lou Krieger.
Daily Racing Form, Steven Crist, Publisher and Editor. I serve as an occasional columnist and op-ed writer.
Card Player, Barry Shulman, Publisher and Editor. I function as an occasional columnist.
Poker Digest, Adam Field, Publisher and Editor. I function as occasional columnist, particularly with Lou Krieger.

The New Gambler’s Bible, (1996) Crown Paperbacks (Random House). Selected as one of the Top 10 Books on Gambling and Gaming by The Gambler’s Book Club, Las Vegas, NV.
Gambling for Dummies, (2001) Co-authored with Lou Krieger and Richard Harroch (Hungry Minds Books). An overview of gambling in all of its variety written in the classic “dummies” style.

On Ethical Issues, Public Morality, and Institutional Gaming. Paper presented at the 11th International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking. Las Vegas, NV June, 2000

Meditations from the Green Felt: Thoughts on Games, Gambling and Life. Co-authored with Nolan Dalla. Very much as the title says, a collection of essays on diverse topics, taken largely from our published columns.

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