Student Caucus Midterm Report

APSSC President

The dedication of this year’s APS Student Caucus Ex-
ecutive Board, in combination with the enthusiasm
of the wider population of APS Student Affiliates, exemplifies the power and importance of collaboration at the student level. During this Board’s first six months in office, the student feedback we have received has allowed us to make significant strides towards our goal of increasing the value, visibility, and level of involvement in APSSC.

In alignment with this goal, and with our commitment to evaluation and action following the 2003 APS Convention in Atlanta, we piloted a Web-based student evaluation survey. Many of you responded with your comments and suggestions, and as we continue to develop our capacity to serve scientifically-oriented students of psychology, I would like to encourage each of you to continue to voice your thoughts. We exist to make your experience as a student of psychological science as successful and enriching as possible!

In light of the feedback we received, the Board spent the bulk of our first six months in office strengthening those parts of APSSC which received high ratings of satisfaction, revising those that did not, and generally overhauling the APSSC system to bring it into alignment with our goal for serving APS Student Affiliates with optimal efficiency. Internally, we restructured the APSSC executive Board roles and responsibilities; revised our election procedures; streamlined and established protocols for marketing, recruitment, and internal communications; reviewed and revised the APSSC Bylaws; created the first-ever APSSC handbook to increase the ease and effectiveness of the annual new officer transition; and incorporated more efficient use of technology (e.g. transitioned to an online evaluation survey, presidential election, and competition review process). In addition, we have increased the informational value of the Student Notebook, e-Newsletter, and Web site by conducting regular “Faculty All-Stars” interviews (see Page 25) with notable faculty of interest to students, and are in the process of revamping our mentoring program.

A common theme that emerged from the student feedback was the desire to get involved with a national psychological organization as a way to develop professional skills, exercise leadership, network, and contribute to the field, while at the same time being faced with serious time constraints. In response, we created the Campus Representative Program. In this new initiative, students are able serve as official liaisons between APSSC and their own colleges or universities, thus increasing communication with Student Affiliates and putting a face on the APS Student Caucus. For more information on getting involved as a campus representative, please contact our Communications Officer, Nate Fast, at

We have also enhanced our opportunities for student skill-building and professional development, namely publication in the Observer’s Student Notebook, serving as a reviewer in one of our four competitions, and working to create awareness and representation of diverse populations in scientific psychology. Additionally, we have retained our commitment to providing students with avenues for gaining funding and recognition for excellence in their scientific endeavors. We are hosting two competitions with monetary awards—the Student Research Competition, and the Student Grant Competition—as well as two opportunities for students to present their research in a symposium format at the APS Annual Convention: the Research on Socially and Economically Underrepresented Populations (RiSE-UP) Research Competition, and the Student Symposium Competition. Also, Annual Convention fees for students were reduced this year.

APSSC at the Annual Convention

In addition to the symposia mentioned above, the APSSC is also sponsoring a number of other student-focused events at the 16th APS Annual Convention in Chicago.

These events are sponsored by APSSC at no charge to participants, though registration is required.

Show Me the Money:

Grant-getting for Graduate Students and

New Faculty Workshop. Co-Sponsored with APS.

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