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The Challenges Of Treating Personality Disorders


Personality disorders represent some of the most challenging and mysterious problems in the field of mental health. People suffering from antisocial personality disorder or obsessive compulsive personality disorder are often misdiagnosed. The effects on the sufferers and their families can be wrenching.

Joining us now to shed some light on how the psychiatric community is dealing with these disorders is Mark Lenzenweger. He is the psychology professor at Binghamton University and professor of psychiatry at the Personality Disorders Institute at the Weill Cornell Medical College, and he’s with us by phone from his home in New York.

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I am an undergruaduated student for Psychology majoring in social Services. I am working on one of my assignment for module 4 which focus on Personality disorders. I will love to have information in treatments, prevalence and everything related in terms of issues encounter to treat this disorder.
thanks so much for leaving open those wonderful information on the web.

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