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Sorry, I Left My Memory in the Other Room

ABC News:

Ever forget the reason why you walked into a room seconds after you enter, even though you know you are there for a reason? You stand in the doorway wondering, “I know I came in here for something!”

If you answered yes, you may go as far as to rationalize that this is why it happens:  ‘Well, our lives are so overburdened, and that’s why so many of us buzz around like caffeinated cheetahs crossing things our mental checklists. So many things to remember: gym clothes, umbrella, kids’ soccer practice and piano lessons…’

And then it happens — just as you walk into another room to perform one of those super important tasks, you can’t, for the love of God, remember what it was!  It’s annoying … and as it turns out, pretty common. A recent study out in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology validates this kind of forgetfulness and says the trigger may be as benign as passing through a doorway.  Who knew?

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