Nice Guys Can Finish First

Men’s Health:

Psychologists have discovered that men tend to be more generous with  their money when we’re in the presence of attractive women. But flaunting your wealth isn’t the only way to impress the girl of your dreams, or that cute hottie from Sales. Here are four other ways to get her attention and portray yourself as a genuinely considerate guy.

First impressions are vital. A recent study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior found altruistic traits can be perceived after as little as 20 seconds. But don’t  open the conversation with a bullet-point list of your philanthropic history. “Nod at significant points when she’s speaking, with a slight smile,” says psychologist Susan Quilliam. And try to look into her eyes around 60 per cent of the time. Research undertaken at Harvard University found this induces her body to produce phenylethylamine, the chemical that governs feelings of attraction.

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