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Montgomery County school chief starts special book club

The Washington Post:

Montgomery County Superintendent Joshua P. Starr offered a glimpse of his educational philosophy, and his cerebral personality, during his first official book club gathering last week.

The auditorium of the central office in Rockville was transformed into a talk show studio Tuesday for an event scheduled as part of the new superintendent’s transition plan. Starr relaxed in a leather chair. Green plants and a dark wooden bookcase were nearby. Guests sat on a sofa across from the coffee table.
The featured guest — author Carol Dweck — “attended” via Skype from her study in California. A cardboard display of her book, “Mindset,” was propped up on a side table.
Dweck is a psychologist at Stanford University. Her book looks at developing a “growth mindset,” or a belief that your intelligence or abilities can be developed through hard work.

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