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Are Independents Just Partisans In Disguise?

Will the Real Independents Please Stand Up?

For die-hard Democrats and Republicans, the decision of who to vote for in November may be a no-brainer. In recent years, however, many voters have rejected such partisan identities, choosing to call themselves Independents. But new research suggests that Independents may not be as independent as they think. ... More>

Non voters

The ‘Silent Majority’ Agrees With Me, Voters Believe

We like to think that others agree with us. It’s called “social projection,” and it helps us validate our beliefs and ourselves. Psychologists have found that we tend to think people who are similar to us in one explicit way—say, religion or lifestyle—will act and believe as we do, and vote as we do.  Meanwhile, we exaggerate differences between ourselves and those who are explicitly unlike us.... More>

Sneaky Stars and Stripes

Believe it or not, basking in the glow of the grand old flag may shift our political beliefs. A study in an upcoming issue of Psychological Science found that exposure to the American flag led to a shift toward Republican beliefs, attitudes, and voting behavior, for both Republican and Democratic participants.... More>