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New Research From Psychological Science

A sample of new studies exploring: genes linked to emotional biases in perception and memory, nonverbal expressions of status, visual representation and language processing, and neural correlates of eudaimonic well-being. ... More>

Studies Explore Interplay Between Self-Control, Reward Processing, and Diet

Two new studies explore the cognitive and neural mechanisms that mediate the relationship between self-control and reward processing in dieters. ... More>

Presidential Column

Looking Beyond the ‘Neuro’ Revolution in Psychological Science

APS President Elizabeth A. Phelps highlights the maturation of neuroscience and explores what's next in psychological science. ... More>

Remembering to Remember Supported by Two Distinct Brain Processes

Remembering to remember — whether it’s appointments or taking medications — is essential to our everyday lives. New research explores the brain mechanisms that underlie this prospective memory. ... More>

The Neuroscience of Social Influence