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Engaging in a Brief Cultural Activity Can Reduce Implicit Prejudice

A small cue of social connection to someone from another group — such as a shared interest — can help reduce prejudice immediately and up to six months later. ... More>

Why do we feel schadenfreude?

Trust in Leaders, Sense of Belonging Stir People to Safeguard Common Goods, Analysis Shows

Charitable contributions are low, fossil fuel reserves are shrinking, and climate change threatens our planet. A new report discusses the scientific findings on cooperative use of common resources. ... More>

Presidential Column

Department-ism: More Than Just Space Wars

The university is a great place to learn about prejudice — first­hand. The prejudice that I'm talking about is so deeply ingrained in the nature of universities and other large organizations that it is not recognized as a near kin of racism, sexism, ageism, or the other "isms" that can be found in the appendix of most general psychology texts. Perhaps it is not surprising that academic psychologists have avoided even naming the prejudice that is openly practiced on our own campuses and within our own discipline. What I am talking about is department-ism. ... More>