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Misinformation and Its Correction: Continued Influence and Successful Debiasing

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Why Misinformation Sticks

When false information is released, often a retraction or correction will be issue to fix the mistake. Even then, many people will still believe the false information, and despite an organization’s best efforts, the false information will continue to spread. ... More>

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Psychological Science Needs A Seat at the Informatics Table

Tal Yarkoni writes about opportunities to apply informatics to psychological science. ... More>

Want to improve your memory? Oh, forget it

Whether We Know It Or Not, We Can “See” Through One Eye At A Time

Although portions of the visible world come in through one eye only, the brain instantaneously takes all that information and creates a coherent image. As far as we know, we “see” with both eyes at once. Now a new study suggests that the brain may know which eye is receiving information—and can turn around and tell that eye to work even harder.... More>