Learning Recap: Becoming a Better Teacher 

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The best science-based teaching and learning strategies—from retrieval practice (practicing testing) to interleaving and spacing content and fostering active learning—can maximize students’ outcomes while minimizing teachers’ efforts. In Becoming a Better Teacher: Maximizing Learning and Minimizing Effort, the first online workshop in APS’s new Professional Development program, dozens of psychological scientists learned about these strategies and more. Held in early December, the workshop was led by Ludmila Nunes, PhD, the APS science advisor and a cognitive psychologist trained in human memory and learning. 

Workshop registrants can watch the recording and download the materials, including selected slides, references, and answers to attendees’ questions, through the links below. More details on the APS PD program, including future workshops and trainings, will be posted soon. 

This webinar recording and the related materials are available only to registrants for the event. Please log in to view.