A New Way to Study Clinical Psychological Science

Founding Editor Alan E. Kazdin wants APS’s newest journal, Clinical Psychological Science (CPS), to be a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, international publication that draws from a variety of fields and methods. “It’s not that we want diversity for diversity’s sake,” Kazdin says. “We want to solve problems, and that’s what requires the diversity.”

Traditionally, clinical journals have been highly specialized. Such journals are great for finding the latest research on a specific subject, such as addiction, or personality disorders, but until recently, there has not been a single journal that collects the latest research in all areas of clinical psychology.

CPS publishes a broad range of research because we’re interested in solving problems of a certain kind, and so many disciplines and areas speak to this,” Kazdin says in this video interview. “We want to bring the best of psychological science to handle clinical phenomena.”

More on CPS and Kazdin’s vision for the future of clinical psychological science is available in Kazdin’s March Observer interview and editorial and  APS’s Twitter and Facebook Q&A with Kazdin.

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