Guys Have to Earn Their Status

ABC News: Me Tarzan. You Jane. Well, not necessarily, although the ape man was doing what comes naturally when he asserted his manhood on the lady from England. There are biological, as well as social, reasons why a man has to prove his manliness, and a woman does not. And More

New Research From Psychological Science

The Use of Definite References Signals Declarative Memory: Evidence From Patients With Hippocampal Amnesia Melissa C. Duff, Rupa Gupta, Julie A. Hengst, Daniel Tranel, and Neal J. Cohen Most people will use declarative references to save time and mental resources when they are having a conversation. For example, a person More

New Research From Psychological Science

Asymmetry in Resting Intracortical Activity as a Buffer to Social Threat Katrina Koslov, Wendy Barry Mendes, Petra E. Pajtas, and Diego A. Pizzagalli People respond to social rejection differently. To investigate whether differences in resting cortical brain activity could be responsible for different responses to social rejection, 84 women were More