Pupil Size: A Measure of Trust?

Scientific American Mind: Pupils are a rich source of social information. Although changes in pupil size are automatic and uncontrollable, they can convey interest, arousal, helpful or harmful intentions, and a variety of emotions. According to a new study published in Psychological Science, we even synchronize our pupil size with More

Confianza generalizada: Cuatro lecciones de la genética y la cultura

Paul A. M. Van Lange[1] VIJ UniversityAmsterdam   Originalmente publicado en: Current Directions in Psychological Science, Vol.24 (1), 71-76, 2015. Traducción de: Alejandro Franco (Portal de formación iPsicologia.com) Correo: alejandro.franco@ipsicologia.com   Abstract Este artículo aborda la confianza generalizada, un constructo examinado desde diversas disciplinas científicas del cual se asume que More

To Age Well, Change How You Feel About Aging

The Wall Street Journal:  That research holds out the possibility for much healthier aging. But it also points to a very big obstacle: Negative stereotypes about aging are pervasive in America. Even many older adults embrace the idea that getting old is a bad thing—which means they’re doing potentially serious More