Working From Home Makes You More Effective, But Only In Moderation, So Think Carefully Before You Ask Your Boss If You Can Do It

Bustle:  I’ve barely gone into an office to work for the last two years (hi, I am a writer), so let me tell you my take on working from home: It’s a serious mixed bag. Apparently researchers agree with me on this, too, because a new study found that though More

New Study Decodes When Working From Home Is Actually Productive

The Huffington Post: Working from home can be pretty great. You can send emails from the comfort of your couch and avoid commuting. Plus, away from the stress of the office, you might actually get more done while also enjoying better work-life balance. But remote working can also be … well More

The Aging Advantage

Pacific Standard: At the San Francisco offices of the global design firm IDEO, overlooking the blue expanse of San Francisco Bay, 150 people spend each workday bettering how we live by re-thinking everyday tangibles like IKEA kitchens, Tempur-Pedic mattresses, and, years ago, Crest toothpaste tubes. More recently, though, IDEO has More

Telecommuting Works Best in Moderation, Science Shows

Organizations are increasingly offering employees a variety of work-from-home options despite sometimes conflicting evidence about the effectiveness of telecommuting. A comprehensive new report reveals that telecommuting can boost employee job satisfaction and productivity, but only when it’s carefully implemented with specific individual and organizational factors in mind. A key factor More