Walter Mischel

Walter Mischel Columns

Presidential Columns featured in the Observer magazine by past APS President Walter Mischel

  • The Lives They Lived 2018

    Walter Mischel: A psychologist of great discipline who sometimes couldn’t wait before grabbing that second marshmallow. Picture a boy, 8 years old, assisting his parents in a strange and somber task. In their gracious home in Vienna, they are throwing family documents into the fireplace, trying to erase their Jewish More

  • Remembering Walter Mischel, with Love and Procrastination

    Four years ago, I made a public promise to my former graduate adviser, Walter Mischel: within the year, I would publish the results of our five-year collaboration on self-control. Walter had called me out on my procrastination tendencies, and here I was, in these pages, claiming that I would change More

  • Academic Career Values and Choices: Two Perspectives

    Two contributions that follow in this issue — speaking clearly but in very different voices and emerging from contrasting professional and life stages — provide distinctive but complementary perspectives on core issues raised in my presidential columns on academic life, values, and career choices faced on the road to tenure More

  • Beyond Nature vs. Nurture: Philosophical Insights From Molecular Biology

    The “new genetics” research in molecular biology, as this month’s invited Presidential Column by Frances Champagne illustrates, has important implications for psychological science (so important, in fact, that it will be the topic for the Presidential Symposium at our upcoming annual APS convention this May in San Francisco). Professor Champagne’s More