Theory of Mind

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Children’s Arithmetic Development: It Is Number Knowledge, Not the Approximate Number Sense, That Counts Silke M. Göbel, Sarah E. Watson, Arne Lervåg, and Charles Hulme To examine whether approximate number sense and knowledge of the Arabic numeral system influence future arithmetic ability More

Los Angeles Times: I’m no stranger to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I’ve read the play, seen movie versions, attended live performances — including one in which the cast included my then 7- and 5-year-old kids (now that was theater; I only wish you all could have been there). Nevertheless, each More

The National Academy of Sciences has received a gift of $3.5 million from APS Fellow Richard C. Atkinson to establish the NAS Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences. Beginning in 2014, a $200,000 prize will be given biennially to an individual (or pair of individuals) “responsible for significant advances in More