Subdisciplines in Their Interactions

Consider the following: Most psychologists read only journals in their sub-specialty of psychology; Psychologists are employed in many departments on university campuses, not just psychology departments; Most psychologists attend psychology meetings only in their subdiscipline and often attend meetings that are not of psychologists (neuroscience, decision and information science). Are More

Thirteen Ideas to Help Computerize Your Course

Whether you’re a computer neophyte or computer guru, you will find here ideas for some useful high-tech supplements to traditional education methods, and we hope to persuade you to explore further the many facets of computer-aided instruction. As a starting point for your own investigations into hardware/software advances and even More

Those Who Can, Teach

When Elliot Aronson was a student, he had a recurring nightmare in which, at the end of a semester, he realized he had registered for a course and forgot about it until the afternoon of the final exam. When he became a teacher, he experienced a parallel dream in which More