Social Influences

Vulnerability to depression can be contagious, study shows

The Telegraph: Researchers have found that the gloomy mindset of students vulnerable to depression can be contagious, making their friends more likely to suffer the condition six months later. The research, published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, follows up on studies showing that people who respond negatively to stressful More

Risk Factor for Depression Can Be ‘Contagious’

A new study with college roommates shows that a particular style of thinking that makes people vulnerable to depression can actually “rub off” on others, increasing their symptoms of depression six months later. The research, from psychological scientists Gerald Haeffel and Jennifer Hames of the University of Notre Dame, is More

Teens’ Brains Are More Sensitive to Rewarding Feedback From Peers

Teenagers are risk-takers — they’re more likely than children or adults to experiment with illicit substances, have unprotected sex, and drive recklessly. But research shows that teenagers have the knowledge and ability to make competent decisions about risk, just like adults. So what explains their risky behavior? In a new More