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Upcoming NWO Funding Opportunity Deadlines for Researchers at Dutch Institutions

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is accepting applications from researchers at Dutch universities and other Dutch knowledge institutions for three different funding opportunities related to the future of work, replication and transparency, and issues surrounding autism and psychosis, respectively. One NWO grant will provide between € 400,000-500,000 in More

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Why Some People Get Little Pleasure From Social Interaction

Social interaction is considered to be such an important contributor to physical and mental well-being that individuals who show relatively low drive for and pleasure from interacting with others are sometimes given a clinical diagnosis of “social anhedonia.” Social anhedonia cannot be explained by social anxiety or exclusion; rather, socially More

New Research From Clinical Psychological Science

A sample of new research exploring: a person-centered approach to understanding comorbidity; links between deployment stressors, post-military work, and family quality of life; audiovisual binding and symptoms predicting onset of schizophrenia; and a functional view of the p factor in psychopathology. More