Every day, millions of people – including senators, doctors, and teachers — make consequential decisions that depend on predicting how other people will feel when they experience gains or setbacks. New research looking at events ranging from college football games to US elections shows that our predictions about others are More

Slate: Ne vous a-t-on jamais dit que la curiosité est un vilain défaut? Une étude démontre que si celle-ci a permis de faire avancer l’humanité, elle nous pousse parfois à prendre des décisions que nous savons mauvaises, rapporte Science Daily. Pour mener à bien cette expérience, publiée le 21 mars 2016 dans la More

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Opportunity Cost Neglect Attenuates the Effect of Choices on Preferences Adam Eric Greenberg and Stephen A. Spiller When someone makes a decision, the cost of not choosing the second-best alternative is called the opportunity cost. In some cases, such as in “whether-or-not&#8221 More