Putting a Little Personality Into Social Psychology (and Vice-Versa)

The personal and the social intertwine inextricably. In a 2011 paper published in the European Journal of Personality, a group of psychological scientists note that when we talk about an individual’s personality, part of what we are talking about is how that individual interacts with others. Furthermore, the scientists write More

The Prevalence of Declining Effect Sizes in Educational Research

Effect sizes are the statistic generated by meta-analyses, a commonly used statistic in education research. This project uses a methodological framework similar to that of Jennions and Moller (2001) to determine whether declining effect sizes can be observed in educational research and attempts to explain possible causes of this observation. More

Sabina Cehajic-Clancy

Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, Bosnia and Herzegovina What does your research focus on? In my research, I am examining socio-psychological processes of sustainable intergroup reconciliation with a particular focus on a post-conflict society of Bosnia and Herzegovina. More specifically, using both qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches I More

Replicate This

Pacific Standard: There are few psychological effects better known—or more widely accepted—in academic halls than what is called semantic priming. Show a person a simple stimulus, something as unremarkable as a photograph of a cat. Let some time pass, then ask that same person to list as many words as More