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Media Indonesia: Para ilmuwan mengklaim, setelah menemukan bahwa orang yang terlalu bahagia mati lebih muda daripada mereka yang lebih pesimistis. Berdasarkan Telegraph, para peneliti menemukan bahwa anak-anak yang dinilai sangat ceria di sekolah akan mati muda daripada teman sekelas mereka yang kebalikannya. Diyakini, itu semua karena anak yang ceria cenderung More

Times of India: They say that happiness shouldn’t be thought of as a universally good thing, and outline four ways in which this is the case. Indeed, not all types and degrees of happiness are equally good, and even pursuing happiness can make people feel worse. People who want to More

Consciousness is a very popular topic in psychological science, but new research suggests that we’ve been underestimating what unconsciousness is capable of. A study published in Psychological Science shows that the unconscious mind is more intricate and sophisticated than we think. Volunteers looked through a stereoscope that allowed each eye More

TIME: These days Martin Seligman, author of the best-selling book Authentic Happiness, is perhaps best known as a father of positive of psychology — the study of people’s strengths and virtues, rather than on pathological behavior. But, previously, Seligman’s work focused on “learned helplessness” — when people or animals learn helpless More

What does consciousness do? Theories vary, but most neurologists and cognitive psychologists agree that we need awareness for integration. That is, unconscious processing can take in one object or word at a time. But when it comes to pulling together disparate stimuli into a coherent, complex scene, consciousness gets to More