Individual Differences

Study Finds Link Between SAT Scores and Freshman Grades

The Chronicle of Higher Education: The debate over whether the SAT reliably predicts success in college has another argument in the test’s favor: an article published in the journal Psychological Science, conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota and financed by the College Board, which owns the SAT. The More

Do SAT Scores Help or Hurt in Decisions About Who Will Do Well in College?

Every year, nervous high school juniors and seniors, clutching #2 pencils and armed with hours of test preparation, sit down and take the SAT. At their most basic, these tests focus on verbal, math, and writing ability, and performance on these tests has been linked to subsequent academic performance. As More

New Research on Personality and Emotional Development From Psychological Science

Read about the latest research on personality and emotional development published in Psychological Science. Birth-Cohort Effects in the Association Between Personality and Fertility Markus Jokela The birth rate in many countries has been declining. To determine whether personality traits and societal expectations could be influencing these changes, the researchers collected More