Photographs and the Misinformation Effect: A Boundary Condition of Truthiness

Photographs have been shown to increase “truthiness” across several domains. This study explores the presentation of nonprobative photographs in a misinformation study. A robust replication of the misinformation effect was observed, but photographs did not increase “true” responses in this paradigm, demonstrating a boundary condition for the truthiness effect. Daniel More

Cognitive Reappraisal of Emotion: A Meta-analysis of Human Neuroimaging Studies

Jason T. Buhle and Jennifer A. Silvers from Columbia University present their research on “Cognitive reappraisal of emotion: A meta-analysis of human neuroimaging studies,” at the 25th APS Annual Convention in Washington, DC. In recent years, an explosion of neuroimaging studies has examined cognitive reappraisal, an emotion regulation strategy that More