Clinical Psychological Science

Read about latest research findings published in Clinical Psychological Science: Jenny Yiend, Charlotte Parnes, Kirsty Shepherd, Mary-Kate Roche, and Myra J. Cooper New research has suggested that negative self-beliefs play a role in eating disorder pathology, but the causal status of this relationship has not yet been established. Female participants underwent More

Read about the latest research published in Clinical Psychological Science: Learning and Memory Consolidation Processes of Attention-Bias Modification in Anxious and Nonanxious Individuals Rany Abend, Daniel S. Pine, Nathan A. Fox, and Yair Bar-Haim Attention-bias-modification (ABM) paradigms are a type of computerized cognitive-training intervention that reduces attentional bias toward threatening stimuli. More

The adult brain is often used as a model for understanding both typical and atypical development, but in reality the brain is different in infancy and is constantly changing in response to both genetic and environmental influences. The importance of understanding the timeline and nature of these interactions on neural More

Read about the latest research published in Clinical Psychological Science:   Influences of Ovarian Hormones on Dysregulated Eating: A Comparison of Associations in Women With Versus Women Without Binge Episodes Kelly L. Klump, Sarah E. Racine, Britny Hildebrandt, S. Alexandra Burt, Michael Neale, Cheryl L. Sisk, Steven Boker, and Pamela More