2013 Convention Video Blogs

Given the significant consequences involved in women’s choices to have unprotected sex, empirical research designed to understand the in-the-moment factors influencing women’s risky sexual decision-making has become crucial. For the present study, we employed Downey and Feldman’s Rejection Sensitivity Model (RSM; 1996) as a theoretical base to examine how a More

Many people fail to notice if someone is replaced by another during an interaction. Is change blindness reduced when individual identity is more important — e.g., when someone requests that you watch his or her belongings? Most participants do not notice when a different individual returns to retrieve even valuable More

The current study examined panic symptoms related to sub-clinical dental anxiety and clinically significant dental phobia. Individuals with dental phobia exhibited higher levels of panic symptoms, particularly heart palpitations, sweating, trembling/shaking, and nausea/stomach distress. Panic symptoms may serve as clinical indicators of dental phobia and of specifically feared dental procedures. More