‘The New Statistics’ Video Tutorial Is Now Online


Geoff Cumming

Leading scholars in psychology and other disciplines are advocating the use of the “new statistics” — effect sizes, confidence intervals, and meta-analysis — to help scientists enhance the way they conduct, analyze, and report their research. APS’s flagship journal, Psychological Science, has been inviting authors to use the new statistics as part of a comprehensive effort to enhance behavioral research.

In a new online tutorial workshop, APS Fellow Geoff Cumming, an emeritus professor at La Trobe University in Australia and a leader in the new statistics movement, explains why these changes are necessary and suggests ways psychological scientists can implement them. The workshop was recorded at the 2014 APS Annual Convention in San Francisco and is presented as six video segments. It makes extensive use of interactive simulations to illustrate concepts and provides a wealth of practical guidance.

The workshop is ideal for students, instructors, and researchers not only in psychology but also in other scientific fields. The complete tutorial is available here.


will think about the things more deeply. I am a research scholar from India.

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