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NSF Funding for Smart and Connected Health

The National Science Foundation invites proposals for the interagency “Smart and Connected Health (SCH): Connecting Data, People, and Systems” program, which funds high-risk/high-reward research, including behavioral and cognitive projects, on the development of technologies and analytical models in health and medicine.

According to the solicitation, the SCH interagency program seeks to “develop next-generation multidisciplinary science that encourages existing and new research communities to focus on breakthrough ideas in a variety of areas of value to health, such as networking, pervasive computing, advanced analytics, sensor integration, privacy and security, modeling of socio-behavioral and cognitive processes and system and process modeling.”

Proposals should be led by multidisciplinary and collaborative research teams and are expected to address a wide range of basic science topics in behavioral science, engineering, medicine, and public health. Collaborations between academic, industry, and other organizations are strongly encouraged.

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The upcoming Smart and Connected Health proposals deadlines are May 22, 2018 and December 11, 2018. To read the full solicitation, click here.

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