Student Caucus Midterm Report

APSSC President

The APSSC gathers for its Executive Board Winter Meeting.

The APSSC gathers for its Executive Board Winter Meeting.

About this time of the semester, I generally experience a sense of wonder and pride over the tremendous amount of information I have learned and the quantity of work accomplished, as well as a sense of uneasiness in facing the remaining work. With regard to the activities of the APS Student Caucus Executive Board, that wonder and pride is evident. The current Executive Board consists of all new members with the exception of myself and Past-President H’Sien Hayward, and the result is a team of enthusiastic and creative individuals with a strong dedication to APS Student Affiliates and psychological science. It is due to this enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication that the familiar sense of uneasiness is conspicuously absent.

Over the last two years, the Student Caucus provided a survey for student feedback on activities at the Annual Convention. This year, the survey was expanded to include opportunities for feedback on all aspects of student-oriented activities, such as the Campus Representatives program and the Student Notebook section in the Observer. Overall, the satisfaction ratings were extremely positive. The Executive Board members are pleased that we are serving student affiliates well. We will continue to strengthen these existing programs.

There are several exciting student-oriented activities planned for the upcoming convention. The “Champions of Psychology” event will feature some of the most well-known psychologists in an informal setting where the Champions will share some of their insights for success. The winners of the RiSE-UP Competition and the Student Research Competition, in separate symposia, will highlight the most cutting-edge research from undergraduate and graduate student affiliates. Plans for another undergraduate student-oriented event are also being developed. More details on student activities at the convention are available at

Despite the many positive comments, there is always room for improvement. The survey expressed concern regarding how Executive Board elections were held. I am pleased to announce that this year’s elections will be held online, allowing all Student Affiliates the opportunity to vote. Furthermore, there will be a reorganization of officer duties to ensure a more efficient and effective Executive Board. Details on the election process are forthcoming. I encourage you to seriously consider running for an Executive Board position.

Student Affiliates also expressed concern regarding funding opportunities for convention attendance. Travel assistance awards and the hotel match-up program are available and coordinated by Fabio Leite, the Membership and Marketing Officer. The Executive Board is developing plans to ensure that funding opportunities are widely known to Student Affiliates. Furthermore, when students’ research is accepted for presentation at APS, many colleges and universities offer funding assistance; check with your program to learn what funding is available. The submission deadline is approaching (January 31, 2005), so be sure to submit soon!

Additionally, I encourage you to get involved in the many activities the Student Caucus offers. For general information about the Student Caucus, visit Are you dedicated to psychological science and want to motivate others on your campus? Contact Linda Melillo, the Communications Officer, about becoming an APS Campus Representative. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer for the Student Grant Competition or the Student Research Competition, contact Michelle Verges, the Graduate Advocate. If you would like to serve as a reviewer for the RiSE-UP Competition, contact Jessica Logan, the RiSE-UP Coordinator. The Student Affiliates who assist the Executive Board are a very important group of individuals; we are able to accomplish a great deal with your dedication and help!

On behalf of the APS Student Caucus Executive Board, I extend a special thanks to those who have supported Student Affiliates and student-oriented activities for many years: the APS Board of Directors and staff. Your guidance, encouragement, generous financial support, and strong dedication to students are enormously appreciated. Through your many forms of support, Student Affiliates have the opportunity to learn about and contribute meaningfully to psychological science.

Please contact me at if you have questions, feedback, or ideas regarding the APS Student Caucus or its activities. I look forward to seeing you at the 17th Annual Convention in Los Angeles!

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