Psychological Scientists Elected as AAAS Fellows

Cesario Venturina Borlongan, University of South Florida

Randy Lee Buckner, Harvard University

Jonathan D. Cohen, Princeton University

Neal J. Cohen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nelson Cowan, University of Missouri–Columbia

Yadin Dudai, Weizmann Institute of Science

Celia B. Fisher, Fordham University

Margaret Gatz, University of Southern California

Peter Adrian Hancock, University of Central Florida

Todd F. Heatherton, Dartmouth College

Todd D. Little, University of Kansas

Laurence T. Maloney, New York University

Alex Martin, National Institute of Mental Health

John J. McArdle, University of Southern California

Elisabeth Adams Murray, National Institute of Mental Health

Joseph Lee Rodgers, III, University of Oklahoma

John M. Roll, Washington State University

Steven K. Shevell, University of Chicago

Eliot R. Smith, Indiana University

Richard M. Suzman, National Institute on Aging

Anthony D. Wagner, Stanford University

Timothy D. Wilson, University of Virginia

Howard N. Zelaznik, Purdue University

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