Opportunities and Challenges in Social Neuroscience

The unifying Opportunities and Challenges in Social Neuroscience conference at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, is bringing together psychological scientists from around the world to discuss the directions that neuroscience is heading. New techniques resulting from advances in mapping the functional anatomy of the brain offer deeper insights into brain functioning, behavior, and behavioral and cognitive-affective disorders. The aim of the Opportunities and Challenges in Social Neuroscience conference is to provide a unified roadmap for the future of this interdisciplinary field.

The conference includes talks by APS Past President John T. Cacioppo on the “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: The Golden Triangle and Beyond,” as well as talks by APS Fellows Ralph Adolphs (“Lesion Studies of Human Social Cognition”) and Gary Berntson (“Physiological and Health Implications of Social Context: Autonomic and Oxytocinergic Mediators”). Other program themes include “The Golden Triangle: Imaging, Lesion, and Behavioral Studies of Social Cognition,” “Neurobiology of Affiliative Behavior,” “Social Perception,” “Neural Bases and Neuroembodiment of Social Processes,” and “Neural Basis of On-line Social Interactions.”

The conference is March 21-23, 2011 at Utrecht University. The conference is organized by the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Utrecht University in collaboration with the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago. Other sponsors include the NCUtrecht (Neuroscience and Cognition Utrecht), the National Initiative Brain and Cognition, the society for Social Neuroscience, and The NationalScience Foundation (NSF).

For full details of the program and abstracts of the speakers visit: www.uu.nl/faculty/socialsciences/NL/Actueel/Agenda/Pages/ConferenceSocialneuroscience.aspx

For more information on additional sponsors visit the Society for Social Neuroscience—an international, interdisciplinary, scientific society to advance and foster scientific research, training, and applications, the University of Chicago Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience(CCSN), and the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Utrecht University.

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