Chun Wins Troland Research Award

APS Member Marvin Chun, Yale University, received the Troland Research Award from the National Academy of Sciences. The $50,000 prize is awarded every year since 1984 to two young (under 40 years old) researchers in recognition of unusual achievement in empirical psychological research. According to the Academy, Chun was honored because of his “creative use of behavioral, brain-imaging, and neuropsychological evidence to elucidate the interplay of conscious and unconscious processes in perception, memory, and learning.”

Chun is the director of Yale’s Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, where he and his collaborators investigate many aspects of visual perception and memory of visual information. Chun credits his success to his colleagues, saying, “I’ve been blessed with fantastic mentors, colleagues, and students, so I’m very happy for the formal recognition that this award brings to all these special collaborators.” The monetary component of the award will give Chun “the flexibility to support [his] lab on new pilot projects” that aren’t currently funded and to “expand the range of issues typically studied in [his] lab.”

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