From: The New York Times

Why We Should Take Fewer Pictures of Our Children

The New York Times:

“I want to look at pictures on daddy’s phone!” I can’t recall when this entreaty started. I only know it has been repeated like a mantra nearly every day by my 3-year-old daughter for as long as I remember her being able to speak in sentences.

For a while I assumed her interest was centered not on our family photographs and videos themselves but on the magic of the iPhone’s touchscreen. Making images move simply by gliding your finger across a plate of glass is as close as we have come to having superpowers. It entrances adults, why not children too? But when “I want to look at pictures on the computer!” became an additional regular plea, I realized superpowers weren’t what she was after. The dazzle of my high-tech phone was merely a red herring to my daughter’s photo obsession.

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