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Why We Procrastinate — And How We Can Stop


For many people, procrastination is a strong urge that can derail even the simplest tasks. It’s tempting to put off writing a paper or paying bills or taking care of something important and instead check Facebook or turn on the television.

Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson talks with Carleton University psychology professor Tim Pychyl (@procrastwitate) about why procrastination is such a common problem, and how we can stop doing it.

“Well there’s lot of kinds of delay, and procrastination is one form of delay. It’s an irrational form of delay because it’s a voluntary delay of an intended act, even though we figure — all things considered, the world’s not perfect — we figure we’ll probably be worse off for it, so it’s a self-defeating delay. There’s really no upside to it. … We can all remember a time we procrastinated and it paid off, and we hang onto that like gold because we wanna use that to fuel the self-deception that really is at the heart of procrastination. So, yes, procrastination can pay, but it’s usually harmful.”

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