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Who’s more jealous: Men or women?


In a report for Scientific American, Christine Nicholson explains that when it comes to sex differences in jealousy, it’s not so much about levels as it is types of jealousy:

“Studies from around the world have reported that men are more jealous of sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity,” Nicholson explains. “And women are the opposite — they’re more jealous of emotional cheating than sexual cheating.”

As with many behavioral traits, we have evolution to thank:

“Experts often lean on an evolutionary cause for this gender difference: Men can never be sure they are the baby-daddy and women are most concerned with securing a genuinely loyal father to care for the children.”

But a 2010 study in Psychological Science examined not only sex differences in jealousy but also personality differences. Researchers tested subjects to measure their attachment style in relationships.

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