We complain about being ‘too busy’ — but secretly we like it


We are SO slammed, SO crazed, SO swamped—just so, SO BUSY. Things we are now too busy for include but are not limited to: Any workout lasting longer than 20 minutes, non-speed-reading, making regular coffee in a regular coffee pot. We update our Facebook friends about our crazy skeds in real time, and routinely start emails with an apology about the delay in reply, using our busy-ness as an excuse.

Inspired by Schulte’s book, Slate writer Hanna Rosin wrote a piece recently about “busy-bragging,” the irresistible urge to whine about your jam-packed schedule. Tim Pychyl, a psychologist at Carleton University who has studied time use and procrastination, says one reason we might be tempted to “busy-brag” is to prove to our friends how full and rich and wonderful our lives are. But it’s also more complex than that, he says.

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