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To Save The Science Poster, Researchers Want To Kill It And Start Over

Mike Morrison hardly looks like a revolutionary. He’s wearing a dark suit and has short hair. But we’re about to enter a world of conformity that hasn’t changed in decades — maybe even a century. And in there, his vision seems radical.

“We are about to walk into a room full of 100 scientific posters, where researchers are trying to display their findings on a big poster board,” says Morrison, a doctoral student in psychology at Michigan State University.

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Richard Solomon long argued and taught that the title of a paper (or poster in this case) should in fact summarize the essence of the paper–just as Kendra Paquette’s ‘new’ poster did. Thus, one gets the message whether or not hey read the whole poster/paper. Such titles are a few words longer but effective–despite editors hating them.

Right on. A poster is not a journal article on a big piece of paper. It should tell the story in very few words and very few, very simple, illustrations. Put the details in the handout.

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