From: The Washington Post

This is what happens when Americans are told about rising inequality

The Washington Post:

The sharp growth in economic inequality — and its visibility as an issue in both the 2012 and 2016 American political campaigns — has led to an important debate about how to respond.

Some in this debate suggest that economic inequality isn’t that important after all. Instead, they argue, it’s economic opportunity that Americans really care about. Americans just want good jobs and the prospect of upward mobility. It’s not so important to them that the gap between the wealthy and everyone else continues to grow. Indeed, some Democratic strategists believe that focusing on inequality could backfire.

Our work suggests, however, that this view is mistaken. When Americans are told about the growth in economic inequality, they become more skeptical that opportunity exists. They also become more supportive of policies that redistribute income and pay.

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Whatever we think and/or feel about income equality it is part of reality in our world. It is my understanding that being out of touch with reality is an indicator of metal illness. And I’ve heard if you can’t feel it, you can’t heal it. And until we label it what it is/diagnose it correctly, there is no hope of proper treatment and a cure. Do we need to fix it? Yes. If we believe what the Declaration of Independence says, that we are all entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Or, if we believe what Jesus said to do.

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