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Things You Cannot Unsee (and What That Says About Your Brain)

The Atlantic:

The idea of the emblem is obvious: This is an illustration of a trophy with an abstract soccer ball on top. The colors—green, yellow, and blue—mirror the host country’s flag.

Now consider this tweet from copywriter Holly Brockwell, which got 2,400 thousand retweets: “CANNOT UNSEE: the Brazil 2014 logo has been criticised for ‘looking like a facepalm.'”

I couldn’t find anyone who studies the really specific cannot-unsee phenomenon that I’m talking about here. But Villanova psychologist Tom Toppino has been studying phenomena like this for decades. He sent me a famous image from the academic literature that gets at what’s happening with the World Cup logo. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but there is a figure in this field of spots. (Don’t scroll ahead!)

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