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The Forgotten Art Of Doing Nothing


Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to technology. Scuttling around, trying to do something productive every minute. We’re also the first generation in the history of mankind with a plethora of apps and devices to help us maximize our productivity, and our potential. Thanks to my ever-handy smart phone, my brain 24×7 processing all the bits of information I feed into it, churning them into useful bits.

Life is short. Time is money. Perhaps that’s why we’re all running around like crazy trying to squeeze the most out of our day. Possibly this is why we all constantly check our mails to stay on top of issues – last thing at night, and first thing when we get up in the morning. Or the way we’re constantly browsing on Pulse or Zite – to stay on top of trends and learn something while we’re on the go, waiting for the lift, or standing in line. What would happen to the world if, god forbid, we didn’t see that mail, or post that comment, or hit the like button right now. It’s not that we’re consciously trying to increase the valuations of Evernote and the hundreds of other ‘productivity’ apps out there, but it’s just so pre-historic to not have one, or a few, of them installed on your smart phone filled with ‘To-do’ lists.

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