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School’s (somewhat) out for summer: Five tips to help academics make the most of the season

Family member: What are you going to do while you’re off for the summer?

Academic: I’m not off.

Family member: But you’re not taking classes or teaching.

Academic: I know, but I’m still working—I’m doing my research.

It’s summertime! (Well, almost.) Classes are ending, grades are being finalized, and colloquiums and other meetings are winding down. Many academics will soon open their calendars and see plenty of blank spaces over the next 3 months.

On one hand, that can feel liberating: “Finally! I have time to WRITE ALL THE WORDS and do everything else I failed to complete over the past 9 months.” On the other hand, the sudden lack of structure can lead to a “summer slump”—the common experience of feeling isolated and struggling to reach our goals.

So, how do you make the most of these next few months that you have “off”? Here are five tips to get your summer off to the right start.

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