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From: Los Angeles Times

Researchers: Get some sleep, and your partner will thank you

Los Angeles Times:

It’s no secret that poor sleep gets in the way of all kinds of good things in life.

People who drive on too little sleep — and there are a lot of us — are more likely to be in accidents that result in injuries than people who’ve had enough rest.  When we haven’t slept well, we make lousy food choices and have trouble metabolizing our food.

Staying up too late studying actually hurts high-schoolers’ academic performance.  Among the younger set, slight decreases in sleep make kids more likely to act out. A team of faux astronauts suffered a variety of sleep disturbances over the course of a 17-month simulated Mars mission. A 2011 study in the journal Sleep linked sleep quality to feelings of social connectedness — suggesting that health problems associated with perceived isolation and loneliness may have a lot to do with how well we sleep.

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