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Most Americans See Cancer as a Death Sentence

My Heath News Daily:

The death rate from cancer has gone down in recent years, but the majority of Americans still view cancer as a death sentence, a new survey says.

Of the nearly 7,500 Americans surveyed, more than 61 percent said when they think of cancer, they automatically think of death.

The findings are troubling because many types of cancer are preventable or treatable, said study researcher Richard Moser, a research psychologist at the National Cancer Institute. For instance, a healthy diet, frequent exercise and appropriate screening tests can prevent or detect many cancers in their early stages, Moser said.

“Despite the fact that we’ve made a lot of progress in these areas — treatment, screening processes and preventative measures — there’s still this perception that, yes, if you get it, you’re going to die,” Moser said.

“We need people getting the message out there that there are plenty of things you can do to prevent cancer or treat it successfully,” he said.

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