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Liar, liar, pants on fire? Your baby will be the judge


Babies may be a lot more savvy than we think.

A new study has found that babies little more than a year old can tell whether we’re trustworthy enough to listen to, according to a report published in Infant Behavior and Development.

“Even at a young age, children do not blindly swallow information,” said the study’s lead author Diane Poulin-Dubois, a professor of psychology at the Centre for Research in Human Development at the University of Concordia. “Doubtful or contradictory information is automatically screened by their cognitive system. Young children are not gullible.”

To determine whether babies took everything at face-value or whether they actually mull over the credibility of the people around them, Poulin-Dubois and her colleagues set up an intriguing experiment involving 60 babies aged 13 to 16 months.

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