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Fact Checker: Is the U.S. a land of Haves and Have-Nots?

Reno Gazette-Journal:

What do you think is a fair amount of wealth inequality?

Before getting to that, an explanation of “why this question now” is needed.

People on the left and right have been noting the disparity in wealth with increasing alarm.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has faced mass arrests, pepper spraying and increasing attention. It has spread to Boston, Chicago, LA, Japan — and Las Vegas and Reno. One of its refrains pits the wealthy 1 percent of the nation against the 99 percent of the “rest of us,” saying the Haves are dominating government and corporations to the detriment of the Have-Nots.

On the other side, Reno’s Ty Cobb, once special assistant to Ronald Reagan, wrote this summer on his National Security Forum website:

“There is a rapidly growing income disparity in the United States that threatens the fabric of our society. The gap between those with the highest incomes and everyone else is widening, and it is reaching levels not seen since the Great Depression.”

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