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Under the Cortex: 2020 in Review 

A selection of last year’s most newsworthy and highly cited research. 

Current Directions in Psychological Science Podcast 

Journal Editor Robert Goldstone invites study authors to dive deeper into the compelling insights behind their recently published research. 

Under the Cortex: Military Veterans in the Workplace 

Veterans transitioning back into civilian society face a number of challenges to meeting their psychological needs. 

Research Topic: Neuroscience 

Research sheds light on how the brain supports perception and behavior. 

fMRI: A Magnetic Field 

Once the domain of medical schools, brain imaging labs are increasingly interdisciplinary and thriving. 

Under the Cortex: Primatology and Psychology 

APS Fellow Frans de Waal explores how primatology and psychology intersect on issues of culture and behavior. 

‘I Feel Your Pain’: The Neuroscience of Empathy 

Psychological scientists are identifying regions of the brain responsible for this sense of interconnectedness. 

APS Student and Early-Career Webinar Series 

This free series focuses on networking, peer review, online research, and more. View on-demand recordings of all five webinars in this series, and read the summaries. 

Members in the Media 

Visit the MITM archive to view media coverage of our members’ research and to learn more about how they are sharing psychological science with the public. 

Government Research, Funding, and Policy Webinars 

Learn about APS webinars, read summaries of past events, and register for upcoming webinars here.