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Artificial intelligence thinks your face is full of data. Could it actually unmask you?

Each January, some 4,500 companies descend upon Las Vegas for the psychological marathon known as the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES.

The 2019 festivities were much like any other. Companies oversold their ideas. Attendees tweeted out the craziest products, and Instagrammed the endless miles of convention space. Trend-spotting was the name of the game, and this year’s trends ran the gamut: drones, voice-activated home assistants, something called “8K” television. But the most provocative robots were those that claimed to “read” humans faces, revealing our emotions and physical health in a single image.

“I think it’s possible that technology, at some point, could be developed to read your mood from your face,” says Lisa Feldman Barrett, an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of emotion at Northeastern University. “Not your face alone, however—your face within context.”

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