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Are rich people more likely to lie, cheat, steal? Science explains the world of Manafort and Gates.

What is about money that makes people do bad things?

It seems a fair question when the news is dominated by misdeeds of the rich and powerful. The Paul Manafort trial, now entering its third week, has revealed details of his alleged crimes: defrauding banks out of tens of millions of dollars, evading taxes by stashing huge sums in offshore accounts and using riches earned through unregistered work for foreign governments to buy $15,000 ostrich and python jackets.

Manafort’s deputy Rick Gates testified about the small fortune he embezzled and spent on his globe-trotting infidelities. Also last week, Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) was charged with insider trading. Scandals have shown Trump’s Cabinet members flouting government rules and ethics for private jet rides, $31,000 dining table sets, $43,000 soundproof booths and questionable business trips abroad.

“To researchers who study wealth and power, it’s dismaying but not surprising, because it tracks so closely with our findings. The effect of power is sadly one of the most reliable laws of human behavior,” said Dacher Keltner, a psychologist at the University of California at Berkeley who has spent decades studying wealth, power and privilege.

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No mention of Corrine Brown? Bob Menendez?

Bravo, Rusty and Jack, the APS is vying with the APA for most leftist organization these days (e.g., Republican but not massively greater Democratic corruption, climate change research that assumes there is no other scientific side than the left’s). To the extent that APS succeeds in its “leftist hogwash” as Jack so appropriately puts it, the APS will lose all its scientific credibility — and its membership. Beware, APS!

Once again, psychologists lend themselves to leftist hogwash. Yes, Lord Acton was right, but the concentration on Republican misdeeds is pure bias.
Can we talk about the Kennedys? Can we talk about Hollywood?
And then, for context, let’s talk about Chicago, Baltimore, New York… How many people has Manafort killed? Oh…none.

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